Spring Cleaning for Your Mindset & Goals 

 April 8, 2021

The problem with plans is that they often don't take into account just how much stuff gets in the way of your progress.

Little, unforeseen details add up to hours and hours of work. Doubts, insecurities, and anxiety can leave you trapped in a spin cycle. Unrelated responsibilities and ordinary chores eat away at the time you hoped to use on your meaningful priorities. Soon you can lose sight of all the progress you've actually made and focus only on your frustrations.

For all these reasons, it's incredibly helpful to have a way to reorient yourself and get back on track.

In yesterday's Spring Cleaning for Your Mindset & Goals session, we dove deep into the strengths we bring to the table, got clear on how we want to show up in our lives, and made declarations of intent for the next 90 days.

It was hard work. And like all cleaning, it will require some regular maintenance.

To make it easier for you to keep sweeping your path clean this quarter, download the image below and use the questions for a weekly review.

These planning sessions are most powerful when you attend live and participate in real time with the group, so mark your calendar now for Wednesday, June 30, 2:30-5:00 pm EDT/11:30-2:00 pm PDT to join us and make your plan for the third quarter.

And for the next thirty days, you'll have access to the video (above) and audio (click here) of the session. It's worth going through again as you focus on different facets of your work and home life. 

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