Compassion Fatigue: Kellie Snider, MS, BCABA 

 August 30, 2018

​We talk a lot about the negative effects of stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue on UNLEASHED (at work & home). On this week's episode, Kellie Snider, MS, BCABA, shares her experience​ with compassion fatigue while working for 10 years at a high-volume shelter in Texas.

She ​likened the emotional and physical effects to "wearing a lead raincoat."

​Kellie Snider, author of Turning Fierce Dogs Friendly

​As happens to so many animal-care professionals, Kellie found the symptoms built up over time, so subtly that she wasn't always aware of their effects. ​Her friends and family could see changes that she hadn't noticed.

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Eventually Kellie ​needed to leave her position at the shelter and take several months off to ​rest and rejuvenate.

Since this interview, Kellie has been hired as the behavior program director for Humane Animal Rescue in Pittsburgh where she's excited to help animals find homes and help the staff stay healthy and happy. ​

One thing Kellie found especially helpful to her recovery was spending time creating art. She's quite talented. You can see more of her work at www.paintedcatstudio.com.

Also be sure to check out www.behaviorunlimited.com for her blog and information about her book, Turning Fierce Dogs Friendly.

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