Games: Terry Ryan 

 January 3, 2019

​Why do we play games? What purpose do they serve? Have you ever wondered about that?

Terry Ryan is the co-owner of Legacy Canine and has been teaching dog training classes since 1968. Yep, you read that right. She's got a wealth of experience in helping people successfully learn new skills.

And you know what she discovered? Games make learning feel safer and more fun.

​Those two variables--safety and fun--matter more than you think in almost every area of your life.

Think about it.

If you feel uncomfortable in an environment or with a particular person, are you likely to show up as your best self? Will you stretch yourself to learn more or stick with what you already know?

Nope! You'll play small. You'll hold back a bit to avoid drawing any negative attention rather than throwing yourself in wholeheartedly.

And fun, what does fun do? Positive emotions broaden and build. When you have fun, you are kinder, more generous, more creative, more open, and more productive. Awesome, right?

So today's questions for you to ponder are

  • ​What makes you feel safe? How can you get more of that?
  • What's your idea of fun? How can you get more of that?
  • How would your life be different if you felt safe and had more fun?

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