Mar 26

Courage means living your values

The past few weeks have been like none other. You may be having trouble finding your sense of peace, calm, and equanimity.

If that's true of you, good news, you're normal!

Right now, your brain is hypervigilant, always scanning for the next bit of news, the next sign of danger.

That's what your brain is designed to do. It's trying to keep you safe. But your brain can't comprehend a pandemic situation in which you feel fine, but are being asked to flatten the curve for the greater good. It doesn't known how to say, "Hey, I'm just going to hang out at home and wait this out. No big deal."

Instead your nervous system is a flutter and needs some active support to calm down.

Jessica Dolce, MS, CCFE, and I have both been helping pet professionals fight burnout and compassion fatigue for years.

I invited her to talk with me about how "courage" and set a date long before either of us knew how timely this episode would be.

Listen in to learn ways you can give yourself and others support and compassion during this difficult time. 

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