Beginnings – Ali Evanson, KPA-CTP, CTDI 

 May 28, 2020

Who better to give advice on beginnings than a beginner?

Just a year ago, Ali Evanson started her dog training business, I Got This Sit.

Many things have changed since then, and now, like the rest of us, Ali is working to adapt and begin anew.

Beginnings ask you to imagine a new future and then commit to making it the best it can possibly be.

Often it’s scary.

Okay, usually it’s scary to begin something new.

You can’t control the outcome. There are no guarantees. But when you’re clear about what you want, you’ll find your personal balance of control and acceptance. (That’s the theme we explored throughout May in UNLEASHED Resilience.)

You’ll feel empowered to move forward and take empowered action.

What helps you feel ready to begin, ready to take action, ready to move toward your goals?

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