080. Marci Kirk, DVM 

 July 30, 2020

You are not alone: Defeating feelings of isolation

Have you ever received a complaint that undermined your confidence? Ever gotten a bad review that made you doubt your skill? It's a terrible experience, isn't it? 

Complaints are a common occurrence these days. And in most cases, the complaint says more about the complainer than the complainee. But when you're the focus on the compliant, it's scary, unsettling, and, often, lonely. 

In Dr. Marci Kirk's fourth year of practice, she received a Board complaint. One of her clients registered a complaint about their pet's care, and the state licensing board needed to conduct an evaluation.

Marci shares that that experience left her feeling judged, fearful, and alone. It also changed how she showed up with clients. She shrunk down, played safer, and became more isolated.

Fortunately for Marci, she belonged to a professional development program called the Power of 10, in which 10 veterinarians with fewer than 10 years of experience met regularly to provide community and support to one another. When she finally shared her struggle, she was astounded to find out other members of the group had also gone through Board complaints.

They, like Marci, had been too embarrassed to talk about it. But once it was out in the open, Marci felt tremendous relief. She received support, encouragement, and new ideas from her colleagues.

Community is a big piece of resilience. Finding your people--the ones who will cheer your wins and remind you of your strength when you struggle--is key. There's incredible power in working together. Great groups make it easier for each person to make changes and grow. 

If you are a pet pro looking for a safe, supportive community that will help you grow into your best self, check out the Positive Changes small-group coaching program. You are not alone. Together we are stronger. 

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