Authenticity: Tina Spring


Jan 17

What does authenticity mean to you?

What would happen if you dropped your armor and showed up as your real self ... with all your faults and foibles?

​Does ​that idea make you feel uncomfortable? Why do you think that is? What could you do to make it easier?

​I had an awesome conversation with Tina Spring of Sit Happens Dog Training and Behavior about authenticity and the ​amazing growth that happens when you let down your guard and give yourself permission to be you, just as you are.

​There's magic there. You see it in other people. You often don't ​warm up to a person until you see a flaw. That flaw makes the other person seem real, approachable, interesting.

​Do you struggle with the flip side? ​Are you spending all your time trying to be fit someone else's idea of how you "should" be? Shoulds are dangerous. They make you resentful and lonely.

​Listen in to this great conversation--you are going to laugh out loud!--and then tell me how you are sharing your own unique awesome self with the world today. I can't wait to hear.

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