A pack of musings on​ resilience, behavior, stress, and the things that make or break both (aka my blog)

Flexibility: Trying Something New
​How flexible are you? I'm not talking about yoga or your physical flexibility.​How flexible are you in terms of examining[...]
Accountability: Taking Ownership, Taking Action
Peter Smith, CEO & president of AMERICAN SYSTEMS​Accountability can be a bit of a corporate buzzword these days. What does[...]
Nurturing: Showing Your Connection through Caring Behavior
​​Jennifer Blossom, OTD, OTR joined me to talk about nurturing, which is not something most of us think about in a[...]
Resourcefulness: Overcoming Obstacles
​How resourceful are you? After Hurricane Harvey, a photo went viral of a dog named Otis carrying a large bag[...]
Problem-Solving: Figuring Out How to Figure Things Out
Problem-solving requires objectivity, curiosity, and creativity. Traffic is one of the biggest problems we face each day. When just getting[...]
Emotions: Are Your Emotions Helping or Hurting You?
​Dr. Patricia McConnell has spent her life studying her two favorite species: people and dogs. I invited her to come[...]

Customized ​resilience programs for combating burnout and compassion fatigue for veterinarians, vet techs, and other animal-care professionals.​

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