A pack of musings on teamwork, productivity, and the things that make or break both (aka my blog)

Resourcefulness: Overcoming Obstacles
​How resourceful are you? After Hurricane Harvey, a photo went viral of a dog named Otis carrying a large bag[...]
Problem-Solving: Figuring Out How to Figure Things Out
Problem-solving requires objectivity, curiosity, and creativity. Traffic is one of the biggest problems we face each day. When just getting[...]
Emotions: Are Your Emotions Helping or Hurting You?
​Dr. Patricia McConnell has spent her life studying her two favorite species: people and dogs. I invited her to come[...]
Persuasion: First Demonstrate Value
Persuasion is really about teamwork. It starts with demonstrating value, showing the other person how your idea, product, or service[...]
Enthusiasm: Your Mindset Matters
​​Enthusiasm creates energy and motivation. Dogs are excellent at showing enthusiasm, but people frequently feel the need to hold back[...]
Consent Requires Knowledge and Trust
​There's an important distinction to be made between consent and compliance. There are many ways to coerce people into doing[...]

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