Curiosity: Zazie Todd, PhD


Aug 01

What are you curious about? What intrigues you enough to dig deeper, learn more? How does curiosity benefit you?

These were some of the questions on my mind when I invited the passionately curious Zazie Todd to talk with me on UNLEASHED (at work & home).

Zazie is the author of the Companion Animal Psychology blog, which I love because I'm interested in the science, but can't force myself to read dry reports of academic studies.

Instead, Zazie does the hard work of reading, distilling, and translating important findings into clear, relatable language. So grateful!

Zazie Todd

Your brain has a surprising paradox. It craves certainty and predictability, but also delights in novelty and change.

Your curious nature helps you learn new skills, identify solutions, and find ways to thrive.

But sometimes, you fall into a rut. Over time, it's easy to slip into comfortable routines that no longer challenge or interest you. And when you think of something new you could explore, you sigh and say, "Ah, it's too much trouble."

This is dangerous ground!

Becoming complacent (and often, bored) diminishes your opportunities for pleasure, growth, and mastery.

Every time you encounter something new, your brain lights up with dopamine and other feel-good chemicals. When nothing's new, it's hard to get excited about much of anything--even the things you once loved.

Dorothy Parker curiosity quote

So I offer you a challenge: Identify one thing that you'd like to learn a little more about and spend an hour exploring the topic.

  • Perhaps you'll read a book at the library about it. 
  • Or sign up for an introductory lesson.
  • Or find yourself clicking link after related link.
  • Or call someone to ask them questions.
  • Or go visit a museum, training center, art school, or wherever is best for you to learn more.

The more you open your eyes, even a little, to the questions that run through your mind, the more you open yourself up to joy, exploration, and re-invention.

So, I ask again, What are you curious about?

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