Dedication: April Kung, DVM


Mar 29
Dog digging
Dr. April Kung

​April Kung, DVM, talked with me about dedication—specifically how pursuing resilience skills requires the same kind of focus and dedication as academic achievement (or a dog trying to get the last bit of peanut butter out of a Kong).

I love Dr. K​'s book, On Becoming a Veterinarian: What to Expect, How to Prepare. It's the first book in an eight-part series designed to set veterinary students ​up for success in the workplace. For many, it's a bumpy transition.

​Dr. K shares my passion for filling that gap by teaching people the resilience skills they'll need to truly thrive in the challenging field of veterinary medicine. 

Here's the thing ... when you are stressed out, a lot of the ​advice you'll receive can seem glib or trite.

"Breathe? Really? Clearly I am breathing. It's not helping."

It can be tough convincing someone to give these strategies a try. Don't be fooled, however, by the simplicity of the activities; they have plenty of scientific evidence to back them up.

And, quite frankly, just because they are simple, it doesn't mean they're easy. The mental, emotional, physical, and social strategies that I teach in my workshops and coaching sessions and that Dr. K espouses in her book can take time, patience, and, the theme of this week's episode, dedication to master.

​​To learn more about Dr. K and her books for veterinary students, visit www.realize.vet.

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You've got to start where you are. Baby steps can get you moving in the right direction. ​

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