Thriving Pet Pros

A free group for pet professionals interested in supporting one another and growing stronger together

Resilient & Thriving Pet Pros community

Helpers Deserve Help Too

Life is too short to be exhausted and unappreciated.

Work should not be a place of suffering. You don't come last. You're not alone.

After 25+ years as a dog trainer, I went through a rough period of burnout and compassion fatigue. To work through it, I cross trained in the study of resilience, positive psychology, and coaching.

That knowledge led me in a new direction: Helping pet professionals manage their stress and find more joy so they can continue making a difference without burning themselves out.

The Circle of Resilient & Thriving Pet Pros is a great place for you to start.

You'll get ideas and strategies for eliminating overwhelm, reducing anxiety, and getting unstuck.

All delivered in bite-sized pieces so you can make changes that stick.

This free community is a safe, supportive environment focused on growth and learning, not judgment or expectations.

Perks of joining

Monthly live Q&A sessions where I will be teaching, giving my best tips, and answering your questions

As a member of this group, you’ll be notified first of any special training or freebies I offer

Hear others’ success stories and apply the same strategies to your life

You'll receive tons of support and connection from amazing other pet professionals

Don't silence your needs another second. Unleash your best you.

Be Steady. Be Strong. Belong.