UNLEASHED (at work & home)

UNLEASHED (at work & home) with Colleen Pelar

Explore the world of human behavior through the lens of a dog trainer

The UNLEASHED (at work & home) podcast empowers you to take charge of personal development. Each episode sheds insight into the world of human behavior by talking with a variety of experts about their work, their successes, their frustrations … and their love of dogs. Are you ready to be more productive, more positive, and more personally empowered? Get ready to be UNLEASHED!

Have you ever wished that your boss, coworkers, or customers liked you as much as your dog does? Look, you're pretty incredible. Your dog thinks so, right? Your dog says you are kind, thoughtful, caring, responsible, trustworthy, dependable, gentle, compassionate, and smart.

He's right. That's exactly who you are in your interactions with him.

Get that same unconditional support from people at work and home by harnessing your Awareness of Behavior. (Far too often we simply REACT straight from our reptile brains — rather than RESPOND to a situation with nuance and style.) Put a greater focus on observation to become truly aware of your choices. Master them and be well on your way to being the superhero your dog already knows you are.

Hosted by Colleen Pelar, the UNLEASHED (at work & home) podcast will downward dog into a litter of topics on human behavior ranging from cooperation to crisis control.  We’ll take command of issues that specifically and directly impact your everyday life — and your pack.

The goal of each episode is for the listener to feel like they are ready for anything life puts in front of us — we’ve got the self-awareness and knowledge to follow our nose and trust our instincts. 

​Check out all of the episodes here.

Meet the Host: Colleen Pelar

Colleen Pelar is a professional development and personal growth expert who inspires people to live their BEST lives through a lifelong journey of self-discovery. With behavioral psychology at the core, Colleen’s programs help thousands of people overcome obstacles, push past plateaus, and leap into their most authentic lives.

In each episode, Colleen looks at a single behavior trait through the lens of a dog trainer to discuss aspects of human behavior. She brings into play dogs (and dog training) to provide endless analogies for exploring human behavior. She interviews a variety of fascinating people to uncover their strategies and suggestions that help people overcome toxic beliefs and get better at being a human. 

Colleen Pelar

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