Creating your own, personal metrics with HYHO question 2 

Are you sometimes stumped by question #2:  What lets you know that you’re moving toward your personal goals?

This is a broad question by design. It’s a way of helping you find your own guideposts rather than me telling you what to look for or value.

Think of question #2 as the bucket that holds a variety of subquestions like:

  • What encouraging signs are you seeing?

  • What feels better than it did before?

  • What important things are getting done?

  • How are you making sure that what matters to you is happening?

  • What are you noticing about your level of resistance and/or resentment?

  • How’s your emotional regulation lately? Are you able to name, notice, and navigate your emotions as they arise?

  • How will you know when you have what you want?

Overall, the question is really, what are you noticing that feels right to and for you at your deepest level? 

Question 2 is helping you define personal metrics and ways of seeing your own progress.

So often we’re racing toward goals, but we don’t really know how to recognize when we’ve achieved them. We just keep pushing forward without taking time to stop and celebrate how far we’ve come.

But question 2 is teaching you to notice the deeper meaning, feelings, and thoughts that underlie your experiences. It's teaching you to explore what matters to you and to notice when you feel in alignment with your true nature and purpose.

Simply by answering your HYHO questions each week you are showing up for yourself in a way that will have powerful, lasting effects.

Give yourself the gift of taking a moment to check in with you. You matter. 



P.S. In case you missed them, here are links to the emails that explain question 1 and question 3 more fully.

Show up for yourself as powerfully as you do for others. You matter.

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