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May 10

​How well do you listen? If you're like most people, you don't listen very well at all. Much of the time, we're thinking more about what we're going to say next rather than what the other person is saying to us.

​Does that really matter when you are the expert and the other person is the client? Surely they're paying for your opinion not to hear themselves talk.

Actually it matters a lot. As Laurie Schulze, DVM, shared, careful, effective listening skills will help you identify exactly what's going on in this pet's home. And that information is vital to know before jumping in with recommendations.

Laurie Schulze, DVM

​Laurie Schulze, DVM

You'll not only find that you can give better recommendations, you'll also discover that client compliance goes way up too.

People are much more likely to follow directions when they feel heard and understood. ​

If clients feel rushed or judged, it's easy for them to assume you don't really understand their special situation, and they'll tweak your guidelines to suit their preferences. Not because they don't care about their pet, but because they don't feel, deep in their bones, that you fully heard their concerns.

In this interview, Dr. Schulze shares some great tips for improving your listening skills. To learn more about Dr. Schulze and her behavior work, visit ​www.ProtectTheBond.com

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