Make changes that stick!

Work more effectively, recharge more completely, and feel like yourself again

Does it feel like you always help everyone--the animals, your family, your clients--but no one helps you?

Has trying to protect yourself from feeling too much made it so you now barely feel anything at all?

Have you spent years telling yourself, "I've just got to get through this busy period, and then things will slow down?"

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

You Deserve to Thrive.

Positive Changes Can Help You.

To feel and perform at your best, you need to escape the guilt of never feeling good enough, strong enough, smart enough. It's easy to get trapped in a spin cycle created by your challenging work and your desire to do everything right.

It can make you feel like no matter what you do, it’s never enough. There’s always someone or something in need of your attention.

Life’s too short to feel exhausted and unappreciated. You deserve to have your best day nearly every day.

I know you are committed to helping animals live better lives. This work is complex and demanding. It's hard, but it doesn't need to leave you depleted. 

You do good work. You deserve to feel good about it ... but too often, you don't.

Working harder isn’t going to change things. You know, because you’re working harder than ever.

Taking another class isn’t going to change things. You’ve learned so many incredible things, and yet you still feel like you don’t know enough.

Getting a better planning system or setting stronger policies isn’t going to change things. Time after time, you’ve made a “just this once” exception, which inevitably leads to winding up right back where you started.

The only way you’re going to solve this problem is by changing your relationship with yourself.

To stop feeling like an imposter, to stop feeling overwhelmed and overburdened, to stop agonizing over small mistakes, you need to 

  • Know you are enough, just as you are
  • Be kinder to yourself
  • Recognize your own strengths
  • Value your personal priorities
  • Show up for yourself the way you do for others
  • Broaden and strengthen your emotional bandwidth

And all that can be hard to do alone.

That’s why I created Positive Changes

Positive Changes provides ongoing community, support, and education to help you make changes that stick, so you can work more effectively, recharge more completely, and feel like yourself again.

In a Positive Changes group, you'll benefit from the collective wisdom of the group and find you gain personal insights from the coaching other members receive. In group coaching, members often feel there's more space during the session to reflect and integrate new ideas.

Positive Changes takes the effort out of personal growth with my secret formula (shh, don't tell!):

Practical Skills + Greater Self-Awareness + Shared Experiences = Positive Changes

You need all three elements to make changes that stick. During your time in Positive Changes, you'll discover practical, real-life skills that change the way you behave in all facets of your life; you'll develop a stronger, more empowering view of yourself that offer you more choices and control; and you'll connect with others through stimulating, uplifting, and confidential conversations that will inspire and enlighten you.

Program Details

  • Small groups (only four members) to maximize cohesion, privacy, and individual attention.
  • Seven group gatherings, which means you'll have plenty of structure, support, and time to design and act on your plans.
  • Two private coaching sessions to go deeper on your personal goals
  • Three months of powerful personal growth and ongoing support to help you live the life you're meant to lead

The investment for Positive Changes That Stick is $597, but you’re not going to pay that today.

Your first step is to pay a small deposit ($15) and schedule a call with me. In this call, we’ll talk about your goals and get clear about what you’ll be focusing on in our work together. 

If we agree that Positive Changes sounds like a good fit for you, I will match you with an upcoming cohort. Sometimes there may be a wait for the next group to begin. When your cohort becomes available, your deposit will be applied toward your final fee.

If after our call, we decide Positive Changes is not a good fit for you, your deposit will be refunded to you. There is no risk.

Finally, you can make changes that stick.

It's easy to get started.


Join with your group.

Let's talk about you and your goals to see if a Positive Changes group will be a good fit.


Create your action plan.

With the group's support, you'll identify your goals and take intentional, focused action on them.


Get your life back!

Savor the sense of calm and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are enough.

Keep the promises you make to yourself!

Three months of powerful personal growth and ongoing support to help you live the life you're meant to lead. 


Why are the groups so small?

Keeping the groups small means the members will create stronger interpersonal connections, which allows our discussions to go deeper, which in turn means you’ll do more powerful work and create more lasting change.

I’m an introvert. Will this work for me?

Me too! I’m waaaaay over on the introvert side of the scale. These small groups are perfect for introverts because there’s very little time for chit-chat and awkward social niceties and more time for deeply stimulating conversations with a few people you’ll come to know well.

What if I miss a session?

I hope you’ll do everything you can to be there with us whenever possible. The magic happens in the interaction and in the time you spend thinking about things between sessions.

That said, if you can’t make it, that’s okay. The sessions will be recorded, so you can catch up with the group before the next gathering.

Why are the sessions recorded?

Because sometimes someone will say something that is pure gold, and you’ll want to go back and capture their words exactly. 

Perhaps they’ll have shared suggested wording for an email to a challenging client. Or a powerful metaphor that perfectly explains a concept.

And sometimes you’d like to go back and listen to the thoughts and insights again to see what you notice the second time around after a little time and distance.

Is this like an accountability group?

Well, I wouldn’t call Positive Changes an accountability group. You’ll get all the benefits of an accountability group in Positive Changes without any of the pressure, judgment, or shame.

If you don’t accomplish something you intended to do, there’s a reason, and we’ll help you figure out what’s getting in your way. When you make a plan and don’t complete it, often the obstacles are more related to your mindset (perfectionism, imposter feelings, overwhelm, etc.) than to your ability to accomplish the tasks. Positive Changes helps you see what’s getting in your way and develop the skills to change your experience.

Do you have a guarantee?

No. Just as when I was a dog trainer, I couldn’t guarantee my clients’ results, this is work and I can’t do it for you. However, I can promise I will show up and do everything in my power to create a warm, supportive environment to make this as easy as possible for you. And I know with absolute certainty that this work is easier to do in communion with others.

What’s your refund policy?

There are no refunds. Each cohort is a community. Your space is reserved for you. If you have questions that aren’t answered on this page, I welcome the opportunity to address them. Let’s talk. 

Can I do Positive Changes more than once?

Yes, personal growth is a life-long journey, and Positive Changes groups are ideal places to connect with fellow travelers along the way.

What if I want more one-on-one support?

Your Positive Changes program includes two private sessions with me (one at the beginning and another toward the end). If you’d like even more support, we can arrange that as well.

Have questions you'd prefer to ask Via Email?

No problem. Just send me a message.