Make changes
that stick!

 Live the life you're meant to lead.


It's okay to not do it all.

Does it feel like you always help everyone--the animals, your family, your clients--but no one helps you?

Has trying to protect yourself from feeling too much made it so you now barely feel anything at all?

Have you spent years telling yourself, "I've just got to get through this busy period, and then things will slow down?"

You can leave work at work and be as kind to yourself as you are to others.

Imagine your life with
Positive Changes ...

...that stick
...to be your best self
...for positive self-talk
...for fresh perspectives

...that bring joy
...to own your gifts
...to rest and recharge
...to know you are enough

You Deserve to Thrive.

Positive Changes Can Help You.

To feel and perform at your best, you need to escape the guilt of never feeling good enough, strong enough, smart enough. It's easy to get trapped in a spin cycle created by your challenging work and your desire to do everything right.

It can make you feel like no matter what you do, it’s never enough. There’s always someone or something in need of your attention.

Life’s too short to feel exhausted and unappreciated. You deserve to have your best day nearly every day.

I know you are committed to helping animals live better lives. This work is complex and demanding. It's hard, but it doesn't need to leave you depleted. 

That’s why I created the Positive Changes program. 

Positive Changes provides ongoing community, support, and education to help you make changes that stick, so you can work more effectively, recharge more completely, and feel like yourself again.

Many people get as much benefit from group coaching as they do from one-on-one. In a Positive Changes group, you'll benefit from the collective wisdom of the group and find you gain personal insights from the coaching other members receive. In group coaching, members sometimes feel there's more space during the session to reflect and integrate new ideas.

Program Details

Positive Changes groups are limited to 8 members to maximize cohesion, privacy, and individual attention.

We meet on Zoom for 90 minutes bi-weekly for 16 weeks, which means you'll have plenty of structure, support, and time to design and act on your plans. (It's okay to miss now and then--life happens!--but you'll want to plan to attend as often as possible.)

In between sessions, I'll provide a short activity to deepen your learning and we'll also use our private forum to continue celebrating wins, sharing progress, and providing support.

The next group will run March 23rd through June 29th. We will meet from 2:30-4:00 pm ET on alternating Tuesdays. (Does this meeting time not work for you? Additional groups will be forming. Click "Join a Group" anyway; let's talk.)

You'll get four months of powerful personal growth and ongoing support to help you live the life you're meant to lead. The program costs $600. Payment plans are available.

Finally, you can make changes that stick.

It's easy to get started.


Find your group.

Let's talk about you and your goals to see if a Positive Changes group will be a good fit.


Create your action plan.

With the group's support, you'll identify your goals and take intentional, focused action on them.


Get your life back!

Savor the sense of calm and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are enough.

Keep the promises you make to yourself!

Three months of powerful personal growth and ongoing support to help you live the life you're meant to lead. The program costs $450. Payment plans are available.

Have questions you'd prefer to ask Via Email?

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