Discover—and shift—patterns in your life you’ve never noticed before, so you’ll finally be able to do your work well and feel good about it (vs. work yourself into a state of exhaustion and obsess over every detail)

CC & Colby relaxing (cartoon by Colleen Pelar)

If you could just think your way through your problems or solve them through willpower, checklists, or effort, you’d have done so by now.

CC stuck inside jar, Colby trying to figure it out

You're smart. People pay you to solve problems all the time.

But this is different.

You know the saying, “it’s hard to see the label when you’re stuck inside the jar?”

What you need is some distance and perspective.

Coaching is great for that

I have no desire to change who you are. (Psst, you’re awesome.)

When we work together through coaching, we’re expanding your identity, not changing it. I’m here to help you feel more aware of and connected to your own inner wisdom.

The more you know, like, and trust yourself, the easier it will be to have the experience you want without having to remember to be different.

Let go of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, exhaustion, people pleasing, and overwhelm. Reclaim your inner spark.

What would you like to know and appreciate about yourself in December 2024 that you can’t see clearly now?

CC & Colby with bonsai tree (cartoon by Colleen Pelar)

It’s all in there, waiting for you.

But these inner gifts won’t come out until you make your own needs a priority. And that can be scary and hard.

The solution is simple and straightforward.

I’m going to be supporting a handful of pet pros in discovering their gifts and giving themselves grace and compassion through Positive Changes 2024.

The promise is sincere:

  • You will treat yourself more kindly.
  • You will prioritize what matters most to you.
  • You will feel more competent and more confident.
CC on a trampoline (cartoon by Colleen Pelar)

Positive Changes 2024

While my approach incorporates therapeutic elements, it’s not like conventional therapy where just when you get rolling, you have to hit pause and hope you can pick up where you left off the next time.

In each of our sessions, we’ll go deep into a specific desire of yours and do a complete piece of work around it. The program includes

  • Twelve 90-minute, one-on-one coaching session (at a 20% discount off my regular rate)
  • Flexible, convenient scheduling. You pick the dates and times.
  • Unused sessions roll over to the next month, so you never miss out.
  • Ongoing support for whatever comes up in your personal or professional life. All topics are welcome here.

In each session, you’ll learn something new about yourself or how you see the world.

Those insights will help you clarify what you want—and what you don’t—and make it easier to take action on your desires.

Finally, you can make changes that stick.

It's easy to get started


Grab your spot

This special offer is limited to only ten people. I'd love you to be one of them!


Check your email

I'll be sending a special calendar link just for you, and some questions to spark your thinking.


Pick a date

You can set them up as you go or schedule several months in advance. Your choice!

Here's what other pet pros have said

I feel more confident in my potential, and I feel even stronger in my belief that I’m on the right path for me. I felt so at ease talking with Colleen and never felt any judgment. I finished each session feeling uplifted.

Ericka Kinsey

dog trainer

There were things rattling around in my brain, but hadn’t yet landed. (And other things had landed and grown roots that didn’t need to be there!) It was stressful. I got validation of things I know, but don’t often voice to myself or reflect on in my daily life. No matter what comes up, it’s comforting and easy to talk to Colleen. 

Jennifer Shryock

family paws parent education

It was safe and comfortable. Having questions asked without judgment allowed me to do some internal exploring in the moment. I was allowed to be myself and react the ways it was coming up naturally coming up for me. It was a relief. It’s like something was stuck there, bottled, almost like a bottle of champagne. You have to release the pressure, pop the cork, and then it’s a celebration.

Sandra Carrera

Right at HOme pet service

Sometimes just saying things out loud can bring a lot to your attention. Colleen was able to hear things in what I was saying that I didn’t realize. That was very helpful. I was a bit blown away. It came down to breaking it down and isolating the specific parts that were giving me trouble. With Colleen’s help, I was able to focus on those and treat that small part that really isn’t small. It was more than I was expecting.

Rebecca Brame

ruby dog training

Positive Changes might be right for you if ..

CC & Colby struggling on ice floes (cartoon by Colleen Pelar)
  • You keep signing up for another continuing ed course, even though you haven’t finished all the ones you’ve already paid for.
  • You’ve created a master calendar (two, three, twelve times now?), but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t stick to it.
  • You’ve been living on granola bars and pretzels for a week because the thought of going to the grocery store makes you want to weep.
  • Every time you hear the tippy-tap of your dog’s nails, guilt sweeps through you and your cranky inner voice whispers, “You’re better to other people’s dogs than you are to your own.”
  • You wake up exhausted because you stayed up waaaay past your bedtime (again) because those late-night hours, when your time belongs only to you, are too delicious to give up.
  • Your body immediately goes into fight-flight-freeze mode whenever someone tries to give you a compliment.
  • When you sit down to respond to emails or write up client reports, all energy drains from your body, so you open Instagram for a quick hit of dopamine … and find yourself still there an hour later.
  • You’re pretty sure everyone else got the memo for how to do things “right,” but somehow you’ve been dragged into an unwelcome improv performance with the spotlight on you and an audience watching you struggle.
  • Sometimes it all just feels like too much, but it doesn’t feel safe to stop or even to slow down.
  • You want a simple, peaceful, happy life where you do work that matters and treat yourself kindly.

CC dressed as a knight, Colby playing with helmet (cartoon by Colleen Pelar)

Who is this NOT for?

  • People who wear busyness and overwhelm as a badge of honor.
  • People who aren't willing to explore (with the safety and assistance of a guide) some of their deeper thoughts and hidden beliefs.
  • People who don't want to heal, learn, and build a foundation for a healthier and more fulfilling life.
  • People whose lives are already perfect, who never have doubts, insecurities, or confusion and always show up for themselves in powerful ways.

Hi, I'm Colleen Pelar

“You are enough. Always. Just as you are.”

I say that to my clients often. And I believe it 100%. But I didn’t always believe it about myself.

For a long time, I was always pushing myself to learn more, work harder, and do better because I wanted to do things “right” (you know, in that way that no one, anywhere or ever, could criticize or judge me for, hmm).

People-pleasing, perfectionism, and procrastination, these were constant parts of my experience. It was a never-ending struggle to control all the variables and do #AllTheThings. There was no finish line, no lasting sense of satisfaction for a job well done, no way to ever feel complete.

Now, I not only get to do work that feels fulfilling and meaningful, I’m able to give myself permission to enjoy my life and my work without having to know the “right” way. I get to decide what is right for me. The biggest effect of that has been FREEDOM! Freedom to be myself, to do things I care about, to say no regularly and without guilt, and to create a life that I love.

I would love to help you give yourself the space and grace to create a life you love too. Sound good?

Colleen Pelar with cartoon character CC

The Fine Print in Full Size

Before you enroll in this program, here are a few important points:

1. Regardless of which payment option you select (annual or monthly), you are signing up for the full year. I'm saving you a spot.

Not sure you’re ready? This may be the sign you’ve been waiting for. To help you feel safe and comfortable, if after two sessions, it’s feeling too good and you’re feeling undeserving of this support (and trust me, feeling undeserving of good things can make us want to run for the hills), no worries. You can dis-enroll and that’s okay. No questions asked.

2. You are responsible for scheduling your sessions.

Any unused sessions not completed by June 30th, 2025 (six months after this program ends) will expire and will not be refunded.

3. You’ll be amazed at how often you think back on our conversations between sessions. That’s where the magic happens. 

Never underestimate the power of a series of small, deliberate, consistent changes. The ripple effects are immeasurable and profound.


What happens in a coaching session?

I’ll start with the question, “What would you like?” which may be harder to answer than you might expect.

Together we’ll explore what’s happening in your life now and what you’d like to experience instead. I will ask you questions you’ve never considered before, and that will help you go deeper and to see what matters to you most.

We’ll discover and shift beliefs and patterns have limited your options, so that you can show up for yourself in new and powerful ways. It’s unlike any conversation you’ve ever had.

Is this only for pet pros experiencing burnout and compassion fatigue?

Nope. Everyone (yes, everyone!) can benefit from having someone to talk things through with.

You have incredible strengths and talents that will serve you well in accomplishing your goals and dreams, but you may be too close to see them clearly. Coaching facilitates deep personal insights and transformational growth in ways that rarely happen through ordinary conversations. You'll see yourself in a whole new light and like yourself much more.

Will this make me more efficient, effective, and productive?

Yup, but perhaps not in the way you’re thinking. We aren’t going to focus on tactics to boost your energy and output. This isn’t behavior-level change.

Instead of focusing on how to do more or do better, we’re going to explore what’s getting in the way of you feeling creative, motivated, and inspired. Got things that you want to do, but for some reason, you just aren’t doing? That’s my sweet spot. I’ll help you clear the way so that you can operate from a position of choice, flexibility, and empowerment.

What's the benefit of meeting once a month?

Layered learning! Every month, you’re going to walk away with a new insight, and that insight will create some ripples in how you think, act, and feel. You’ll notice it and get curious about what else is possible. Because there’s more, there’s always more!

Positive Changes is an investment in your well-being — a journey that allows healing, self-discovery, and the building of a stronger, more resilient self. When you stop putting your own needs last, you'll find that there's actually more of you--and your special magic--to go around. You'll do better work, and you'll feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. Everyone wins.

Does the schedule have to be monthly?

Nope. You’ve signed up for 12 sessions. How and when you use them is up to you. Want to do them monthly? Great! Prefer bi-weekly sessions? No problem. Want to dive in quickly and then add space between sessions? Super. Thinking of taking the summer off? Feel free.

Why are the sessions 90 minutes? That's hard to fit into my schedule.

I love 90-minute sessions. They give us a generous space for exploration of what’s going on for you and what you’d like to be experiencing instead.

That said, I understand it can feel like a large block of time and that, from time to time, you may need a break in the middle to refill your tea or let your dog out or whatever. It’s all good. We can easily dive right back in.

What happens if I miss a session?

You can reschedule a session up to 24 hours in advance without any penalty. It’s easy to do. In your email confirmation and the calendar item, you’ll find a link that allows you to change the appointment the appointment.

If you don’t show up or cancel with fewer than 24 hours’ notice, it will count as one of your twelve sessions.

I'm still not sure if this is right for me. Can you help?

Absolutely. What are you wondering? How can I help? This program isn’t right for everyone, and I’d love to help you figure out whether it's a good fit for your current needs. Shoot me an email, and I’ll happily answer your questions.

Ten lucky people have claimed their spots in Positive Changes 2024

You're lucky too.

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