Positive Changes circles are for people who want to become the best version of themselves. The goal is not to change you (you're awesome!), but to give you tools for a greater awareness of your own abilities and release you from negative patterns so you can continue making a difference without burning yourself out.

Positive Changes circles are kept small to create connection and support. They are a space of trust and safety in which you are invited to be honest, to be vulnerable, and to show up fully as yourself.

There’s magic when a group of peers, each on their own quest to be a better human being, gather together to learn and share experiences. The ripple effects on your life, your work, and the world at large are astounding.

Your answers to these questions will help me better serve your needs.

Ten lucky people have claimed their spots in Positive Changes 2024.

You're lucky too! 

You can give yourself the gift of profound growth as well.

Today's the day!

Come join us.

We'll be meeting from 7-8 pm ET/4-5 pm PT. 

I'd love to have you join us!

CC & Colby beside a clock (cartoon by Colleen Pelar)