Persuasion: First Demonstrate Value


Nov 23

Persuasion is really about teamwork. It starts with demonstrating value, showing the other person how your idea, product, or service will benefit them, and then being really clear about how to move forward.

Julie Holmes is an entrepreneur, sales leader, and speaker. She has lots of great tips for building your persuasive skills. No slimey sales talk here.

Instead Julie believes that building strong relationships is the key, and she encourages everyone to start first by giving to build rapport and trust. The themes of building trust and rapport come up often on UNLEASHED; check out the cooperation, feedback, and consent episodes.

In addition to being a sales pro, Julie also loves doing trick training with her vizsla, Echo. Would you like to see Echo do a few tricks? Check out the video links below.

Echo, au natural

"Have I earned the hot dog yet?"

What strategies ​do you use to be persuasive?

Share what you do and how it helps you in the comments below.

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