Resourcefulness: Melissa Winkle, OTR/L, FAOTA 

 January 18, 2018

Melissa Winkle

How resourceful are you?

After Hurricane Harvey, a photo went viral of a dog named Otis carrying a large bag of kibble down the street. Now that's resourceful! ​

​Occupational therapist Melissa Winkle ​is one of the most resourceful people I've ever met. She finds ingenious ways to help her clients meet their goals--often by enlisting a dog to help!

Seventy percent of Melissa's clients are children. What could make going to therapy more fun than working with dogs? I can't think of anything.

With her team of canine assistants, Melissa creates individualized activities that engage her clients and teach them the skills they need to thrive. 

Dogwood Therapy dogs

​Clockwise from top left: Lucy, Clementine, Woody, & Gertrude,

​I asked Melissa if she would share a few videos of her dogs in action. Check out Clementine learning to use a snuffle ball below.

​And here's Woody and a novice trainer learning to make beautiful music together.

​Wait, is that a pig? Yep, Elvis auditioned for the dog band. To see a video of a cacaphonous an enthusiastic band of five dogs and trainers, The B-Dog Woofers, click this link.

​To learn more about Melissa Winkle and her work, visit www.dogwoodtherapy.com. Also check out her books on Amazon!

UNLEASHED (at work & home) podcast episode 9

​Are you enterprising, creative, scrappy, and resourceful? What helps you look at things in a new way?

Share what you do and how it helps you in the comments below.

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