You Deserve to Thrive

Here's a collection of books, assessments, and handouts that will help you show up for yourself in powerful ways!

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📚 Books!

Each of these books has given me powerful new insights. There's no best book to read (or best order to read them). 

Poke around and see what resonates with where you are right now.

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A practical guide to understanding what's happening to you when you experience chronic stress and how to improve your experience

You need more fun. This book will help you figure out what's actually fun for you (it's not the same for everyone) and make sure you get more of it in your life.

Your mind and body are not separate entities, but intricate, interrelated systems. Your body has much to teach you about life.

The title of this book scared me off for a while. (It sounded too heavy and dry.) I'm so glad I dove in; there's a lot of learning inside.

This book gives you tools for talking about what matters to you and creating common understanding and respect. (Some people prefer Nonviolent Communication; I found value in each.)

Although this is written for adult children of alcoholics, the life skills taught are helpful to everyone. Simple, clear, and actionable. It's the small "how to be an adult" guide we all needed.

All of Brene Brown's books have wisdom to share. Because perfectionism and imposter syndrome weigh so heavily on many pet pros, I suggest you start with The Gifts of Imperfection because you don't need to be perfect to be enough. 

Another book that helps you find the language and skills for finding common ground and connecting with others. (Some people prefer Crucial Conversations; I found value in each.)

You don't have to go it alone.
Here's how we can work together.


I help pet pros find the skills, tools, and support systems necessary to feel rejuvenated, reignite their passion, and do the work they're meant to do through coaching and the HYHO weekly support program. 

Community Conversations

 Every month we tackle a different topic in our series of deep conversations about  real life. Join other pet pros like you explore new ways to feel stronger and more capable professionally and personally. 

Assessments and Handouts


Professional Quality of Life Scale

Wondering how to measure your current emotional state as it relates to your work? This standardized assessment is used for many helping professions (e.g., nurses, firefighters, etc.). 


Person/Activity Fit Score, Sonja Lyubomirsky & Ken Sheldon

This tool looks at 12 categories of "happiness activities" and suggests which are more likely to work for you.


End-of-Shift Checklist

Six simple activities that will have powerful, positive ripple effects for your team when you commit to doing them at the end of each shift.


35 Life Lessons from Dogs

Dog are excellent teachers about what it means to live well and fully. Which of these lessons resonates most with you?


Wheel of Life Exploration

A tool for looking at several facets of your life to evaluate what's working well and what changes you'd like to make.


10 Ways to Recharge When You Don't Have Time to Take a Break

Ten simple, quick strategies that will boost your energy. And it's accompanied 


Krystina Bryte


Colleen's loving support gave me the confidence to not only expand my business, but also make some challenging, life-changing decisions in my personal life.  I felt seen, heard, and supported by Colleen. I wholeheartedly endorse Colleen as a coach!

Ann Waterbury


Colleen offered me the gift of clarity. I was struggling with some business decisions, I needed someone to talk to that could help me to look at all the options, consider the emotions involved and make some decisions and create some professional boundaries. My session with Colleen gave me that clarity and some tools to use in the future.

Ericka Kinsey


I feel more confident in my potential, and I feel even stronger in my belief that I'm on the right path for me. You were able to re-form what I told you into clear, unique ideas I could use immediately. I felt so at ease with you and never felt any judgment. I finished each session feeling uplifted.

Show up for yourself as powerfully as you do for others. You matter.

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