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Colleen is kind, caring and thoughtful and does an excellent job of directing the conversation and asking questions to make me think about and value what's important to me.

I love that she understands the dog business and the players, and I don't need to explain it like I would to a generic business coach (or a therapist who would then want to tell me about their dog problems!).

Coaching the way Colleen does it opens possibilities and new ways of thinking and seeing good paths. I found the 90-minute timeframe allowed me to settle in with my thoughts vs. rush through.

I understand what I really want from my business now, and I found peace in rediscovering how I can be true to what's important to me vs chasing all the new shiny things that I "could" do, but did not suit me.

Madeline Gabriel

Baby Safe Dog Training

Magic!!!  Colleen sees things deeper than I can in myself. She is able to hone in on areas where I'm stuck without making me feel dumb. 

I am moving at light speed because she helps me remove blocks quickly.  She helps me be clear on next steps - every time!  

Stephanie Frank

Fetch happy

I've worked with a lot of different coaches over the years and have had mixed experiences. From the initial consultation on, I felt seen, heard, and supported by Colleen, which are feelings I've rarely had with other coaches. 

Colleen's loving support gave me the confidence to not only expand my business, but also make some challenging, life-changing decisions in my personal life.  I wholeheartedly endorse Colleen as a coach!

Kristina Bryte

Bryte paws

I appreciate Colleen’s style, skills and groundedness—and playfulness.

It feels amazing to continue to put energy into moving forward!

Sage Lewis

Dancing Porcupine

I am beginning to truly understand how to show up for myself, as myself.

For almost 30 years, I was blissfully unaware of the dangers of being tough by pushing through, doing my best to mask as “normal,” and neglecting my mental and emotional health. I continued telling myself and others that “I’m fine,” until I began experiencing more obvious physical, mental, and emotional health difficulties that I was unable to ignore. The years of neglecting my mental and emotional health finally caught up to me!

Colleen helped me a lot with my more recent struggles with compassion fatigue, burnout, imposter syndrome, and my emotional and mental health in general -- a lot of unpacking of things that go far beyond the dog world and can go back to my earliest memories!

I am also learning to do the best I can with what I have, and truly feeling satisfaction from doing my best, truly understanding that I am enough, and being kind(er) to myself.

Alex Onitsuka

the dog decompression center

Colleen offered me the gift of clarity.

I was struggling with some business decisions, I needed someone to talk to that could help me to look at all the options, consider the emotions involved and make some decisions and create some professional boundaries.

My session with Colleen gave me that clarity and some tools to use in the future.

Ann Waterbury

Sound Dog Connection

Colleen helped me look at things in my life more holistically. I more clearly see the things holding me back.

She explained things well, and I connected with her and what she was saying. I have made progress with my business and feel more confident.

Jennifer Wallace, DVM

I feel more confident in my potential, and I feel even stronger in my belief that I'm on the right path for me.

I most definitely recommend coaching with Colleen. She was able to re-form what I told her into clear, unique ideas I could use immediately.

I felt so at ease with her and never felt any judgment. I finished each session feeling uplifted.

Erika Kinsey

dog trainer

Things were rattling around in my brain, but hadn't yet landed. (And other things had landed and grown roots that didn't need to be there!) It was stressful.

I got validation of things that I know, but don't often voice to myself or reflect on in my daily life.

No matter what comes up, it's comforting and easy to talk to Colleen.

Jennifer Shryock

family paws

I was a bit blown away. Sometimes just saying things out loud can bring a lot to your attention. Colleen was able to hear things in what I was saying that I didn't realize. That was very helpful.

It came down to breaking it down and isolating the specific parts that were giving me trouble. With Colleen's help, I was able to focus on those and treat that small part that isn't really small.

Rebecca Brame

ruby dog training

Having questions asked without judgment allowed me to do some internal exploring in the moment.

It was a relief. It's like something was stuck there, bottled, almost like a bottle of champagne. You have to release the pressure, pop the cork, and then it's a celebration.

I was allowed to be myself and react the way it was coming up for me naturally.

Sandra Carrera

right at home pets

Colleen has a very soft and compassionate way of helping people feel heard and supported. I get the sense she really cares.

She also pushes people to delve deeper and look at the roots of things while also acknowledging practical, everyday life aspects of the struggle

Alicia Obando

pitter patter parenting

It really helps to talk with a skilled person. I didn't know Colleen could help as much as she did. It was well worth the effort and time.

Elaine Chevalier

able dogs

Online Groups

Every session brings some new learning or growth to my life. I’m happy to be part of this group and so thrilled that I decided to sign up. I always say, this is the best investment I've made in myself in the last few years.

Huzannah Joseph

Paw Pals

Self care can feel uncomfortable... we don't have time, it feels silly, etc. This group makes caring for yourself easy... no guilt, no pressure, just a method to move toward self-care that can change your life, not just for you, but for your family and the others you serve.

Tina Spring

Sit happens dog behavior and training

The best part of this program was seeing that there are many people who struggle with the same things I do. Knowing it's not just me got me out of my own circular thinking of I'm the only one and made it easier for me to take action.

Victoria Gideon

PNW K9 Homeschool

This program was incredibly helpful. I felt uplifted and supported by the group. I gained new insights and learned multiple new strategies that have made my work and home life more meaningful.

Linda Hudson

humane rescue alliance

Conferences, Workshops, & Live Events

Colleen's sessions at the Clinical Animal Behavior Conference were transformative. I did not want them to end.

I was amazed with how she pulled in quotes from others speakers. I was very impressed with her active listening skills and ability to rephrase attendees' responses. She made it look so easy, although I know it wasn't. Just, WOW!

Debbie Martin

clinical animal behavior conference

If you haven’t heard Colleen Pelar present, you’re missing out! Banish the days of monotone speakers in a darkened room boring everyone to tears. Colleen is a passionate educator with a great presentation style that’s engaging, relatable, and fun.

You’ll learn and almost certainly laugh out loud. I’ve heard her speak in multiple venues from a horse barn to a state-of-the-art conference center and regardless of whether she’s talking to 10 people or 200, she is a master at connecting with her audience and energizing the room. I recommend her wholeheartedly!

Mary Margaret Callahan

pet partners

Colleen is a superb speaker! She is well-prepared, knows her material, speaks from the heart, and includes great humor.

She is both profound and practical. I give her my unreserved and highest recommendation.

Rise VanFleet, PHD

International Institute for Animal-Assisted Play Therapy