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True learning comes when you apply what you know, and I'd love to help you make changes that stick. No matter where you are on the Show Up for Yourself Success Path, there's something here for you.

Show Up for Yourself Success Path

Simple ways to start showing up for yourself ...

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Our exclusive, invite-only Facebook group for pet professionals, the Thriving Pet Pros, is a great place to find support from other growth-minded people as we all strive to continue making a difference without burning out.

Listen to the Podcast

At times it can feel like you are all alone and that no one understands the challenges of your job. In each episode of UNLEASHED (at work & home), you'll get to hear interviews with other amazing pet pros and learn strategies for minimizing stress and finding more joy. They get it! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode. 

Here are a few recent episodes:

Join a learning lab workshop

Learning to show up for yourself with the same grace and kindness that you show others is challenging, but so important. Several times a year, I gather a group of pet professionals for an interactive workshop on those little life lessons that matter a lot.

These skills-based workshops address real-life issues that matter to you (finding your fun, conquering imposter syndrome, establishing clear boundaries, managing anxious thoughts, etc.).

There's powerful magic in the connection and the active learning process. Join us!

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When you are ready to make meaningful changes that stick, the Helping Yourself to Help Others program's innovative design provides you flexible, affordable coaching and helps you focus your attention on how you are showing up for yourself current and what will help you in the coming week.

Let's talk!

I understand how incredibly frustrating it is to feel stuck when you are used to being the person who gets things done and suddenly your oomph has gone AWOL.

If you're having trouble figuring out what's holding you back, I can absolutely help.

I help pet professionals manage their stress and find more joy so they can continue making a difference without burning themselves out. 

I'd be honored to partner with you too! Schedule a clarity call. 

You deserve to show up as your whole self in every area of your life. Your life and happiness are as valuable as that of the animals you serve.