050. Colleen Pelar interviewed by Tina Spring 

 October 10, 2019

UNLEASHED (at work & home) is on it's 50th episode! 

Over the past two years, I've had so many amazing, insightful conversations with pet professionals about resilience.

My goal has always been "real conversations about real life." I don't want the guests to be experts; I just want them to be authentic, to share their personal truths.

It's been an awesome experience. Every episode has provided strategies and suggestions for other pet pros to try, so they can manage their stress, focus on what really matters to them, and find more joy.

I've loved every minute of it. As we're heading into our third year, I've got a great lineup of guests and topics ahead.

We're on a roll!

When I was thinking about who should be the guest for the 50th episode, a listener challenged me to be the "guest" and to ask someone to interview me. 

I resisted the idea at first. I love interviewing my guests and didn't want to give up the fun. And besides, I reasoned, I'm not nearly as interesting as they are. (See, we all have that negative voice in our heads.)

But we've all heard the phrase, turnabout is fair play, and after considering it a bit more, I decided to give it a go. So the next hurdle was finding a guest host.

How do you ask someone to interview you? 

That's such an odd request. "Hey, let's get together and talk about me!" Awkward.

Fortunately for me, dog trainer Tina Spring has a gift for embracing awkward moments and making them fun. (You've got to listen to her episode on authenticity.) She knows that life has many layers and nuances, and there's something to be learned from each.

Tina agreed to take on the challenge, and what followed was a rollercoaster of an interview. It was truly a "real conversation about real life."

In my work as a coach and trainer, I've seen that pet professionals of all types are searching for ways to make their lives easier, simpler, more joyful. The work is difficult and draining, but there are tools and strategies that can help.

If you're a pet pro seeking support and connection, check out the free Facebook group, Circle of Resilient & Thriving Pet Pros.

If you're ready for a deeper dive into your own personal growth with interactive learning and the warmest, most supportive group of pet pros you can imagine, join us in the UNLEASHED Resilience Community when the doors reopen on October 28th.

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