​Conversations about resilience, real life, and bouncing back better

Play: The Serious Business of Having Fun
​​Are you having any fun today? If not, why not? ​​Play is important. It eases our stress and ​actually improves[...]
Personality: Knowing yourself and others
​I had a great conversation with Neika Smessaert about the importance of understanding your own personality traits and those of[...]
Dedication: Pursuing Long-Term Goals
​​​April Kung, DVM, talked with me about dedication—specifically how pursuing resilience skills requires the same kind of focus and dedication[...]
Flexibility: Trying Something New
​How flexible are you? I'm not talking about yoga or your physical flexibility.​How flexible are you in terms of examining[...]
Accountability: Taking Ownership, Taking Action
Peter Smith, CEO & president of AMERICAN SYSTEMS​Accountability can be a bit of a corporate buzzword these days. What does[...]
Nurturing: Showing Your Connection through Caring Behavior
​​Jennifer Blossom, OTD, OTR joined me to talk about nurturing, which is not something most of us think about in a[...]

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